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What does it take to be a certified arborist in Brisbane?

As Brisbane tree loppers, one of our most frequent jobs is to trim trees that are causing problems to a neighbour. It is fair to say that most of the time neighbours are really friendly and help each other out, but every now and again a problem arises that can put that friendship to the test.

One of these issues is the problem of branches overhanging from a neighbour’s yard, which can rapidly turn ugly, ending in fierce arguments and even court.

So if you are a home owner, it is important to know your rights concerning the trees on your  neighbour’s property, as this is the best way to sort out any problems quickly.

What services can a certified Brisbane arborist provide?

Arborists deal exclusively trees – they write impact statements and tree safety reports for local councils and are concerned with the health and safety of trees.

A qualified and experienced arborist in Brisbane can offer you the following services:

  • Tree surgery: This can include bracing large branches to increase their integrity and to make sure they are safe, giving stressed trees injections of nutrients to bring them back to health, and installing guards to prevent pests from injuring the trees (possums tend to do this).
  • Root management: If the roots of your trees are causing problems with your foundations, your driveway or even your neighbours home or driveway, an arborist is able to trim the offending roots so that the tree is not too stressed and remains healthy.
  • Branch thinning: If your trees are obstructing sunlight or could be a potential hazard in high winds or storms, an arborist can thin out the branches, letting through more sunlight and making the tree safer in stormy weather.
  • Pruning/dead wooding: This is often performed to remove overhanging branches which cause a problem to your own home or your neighbour’s home.
  • Tree/stump removal: Arborists remove stumps, as well as dead or unhealthy trees or those that are in the way of construction work.
  • Tree transplanting: If you need a tree moved from one spot to another, a qualified arborist will ensure that the tree is transplanted in the best position and reducing the risk of stress on the tree.

If you have a diseased or stressed tree and you need the services of a qualified Brisbane arborist, call us on 07 3999 9851, email us at info@treezy.com.au or complete our online enquiry form.